It’s Been A Hell of A Day!

I’ve been fighting since Tuesday to get a prescription for Gabapentin filled for the nerve pain that often comes with Shingles. Fighting because as of January 2019 my insurance provider moved Gabapentin to their list of drugs that need a preauthorization from your doctor before they will approve it to be filled. It’s taken 3 days … but tonight my friendly CVS called to let me know it was ready. Thank the Gods! My left leg has been hurting so much and my doctor told me to stop taking the Ibuprofen I was told to take for pain at the Urgent Care almost 5 weeks ago.

Don’t get me wrong, we have great insurance through BCBS Tennessee and I’ve not had any problems ever before for prescriptions or anything else. This just happened because of their classification change that no one knew about. Not my doctor, not the pharmacist … no one knew or can understand why. All this on top of them telling me when I called two weeks ago to ask what medication they suggest for Shingles pain after the Urgent care doc gave me oxycodone. Now, I KNOW that is a highly regulated drug and there is an abundance of abuse from many who use it. I was given nine 5mg pills and I made those suckers last 4 weeks!

At any rate, I am now well equipped to deal with the shingles pain and I’m hoping I can begin to get some of the strength and energy back that has been lost over the last almost 5 weeks!

Whew! Now onto brighter things.

Jimmy will be home early tomorrow morning after delivering at the Hope Mills Walmart Distribution center at 6:15 AM. We have the entire weekend together and it’s also the Little Witch’s weekend here with us. Yes, she does have to spend a few hours on Sunday with her Dad, but that isn’t going to put a damper of any kind. Not only are we having Easter for her, but we’re also going to begin cleaning and filling the pool for the season. Oh yeah, she’s asked for ham for dinner on Sunday! So ya know Mommy & I are gonna do our best to create a feast for her, LOL!

Next week is her Spring Break and we’ve already got a list of ideas for things she wants to do. OH! Did I tell you she’s in gymnastics? And she’s doing great. Tanya bought her a bar to work on for her backflips and a nice mat to under the bar, she also has a balance beam to work on here at home too!

Her birthday is next month, but it falls the day after school is out for the summer, so we decided to have her actual party 2 weeks early on the 11th so her friends from school could come. Not only will the pool be ready, but she’s also asked for the same water slide we had last year. I can’t wait!!

My yard is beginning to come alive again, we had SO much rain and nasty weather I thought my little peach tree was gonna be flooded out. But, it is thriving and if I counted the blossoms right I “should” have half a dozen fresh peaches this summer! Since it’s one that self pollinates I don’t need to worry about having more than one …at least for now. The lilacs are blooming, yes they are still super tiny, but they smell divine! The wisteria has tons of bud as well, as do the spiderwort and pansies. The bee balm is thriving, the rosemary is now a bush and I’m thinking about moving it to a larger place in the garden. And!! I have VIOLETS!!! OMGs! I was literally crying when I found those last week.

Yes, things in my world are good …better than good. And I’mma gonna shout it out loud for everyone to hear even if they don’t want to, LOL!!

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