Here’s a Bit of Drama

Unfortunately, my plans for keeping this a mostly drama free zone hasn’t come to pass. This is the only place I can safely post a rebuttal to the bullshit that’s flying around. I can’t do it on FB cause I don’t wanna be put in FB jail or lose my pages there.  Yes, shit’s about to get real. If you don’t want to be drawn into the cesspool, just leave now. I won’t be upset or offended. I’m not even posting a link to this one on FB or anyplace else just to keep it as contained as I can.

All this shit began back on August 13, 2018, when someone left an anonymous comment on a post I wrote over on The Feisty Witch blog. I’m not gonna link here, but the original post was called Alpha Females and that’s where you can find the comment. Then I wrote a post and broke down the entire anonymous comment and answered the charges leveled against me. That post is currently unavailable to the public. No, I’m not hiding anything. I’m not sure what fallout there may be so I’m trying to protect not only myself but The Feisty Witch Blog as well.

Here goes:

Oh, Rae … you poor child. Once again you post shit without giving the WHOLE story. Let’s go back EIGHT full months to August 13, 2018, to the comment YOU left on the blog post I wrote on Alpha Females. You see, you aren’t the only one who is tech savvy. I too know how to track IP addresses and google maps is one of the best friends you can have. I tracked that comment right back to you to the front door in your cute little apartment where you lived before you conned someone into renting you a different place. Oops, I digress.

YOU! Came to my blog and left a nasty comment. Of course, you tried to be all sly and leave it anonymously, but again, Google maps came to my rescue. At first, I was just gonna leave it in the waiting for approval list, but the more I thought about it, I decided to put your psychotic behavior out there in the public for all to see. So, I approved the comment, even replied to it and left it alone. And then I didn’t. I wrote about you, for THE FIRST TIME EVER on August 13, 2018, addressing you and your mental illness and the way you love to twist things around to make YOU look like the victim in every scenario.

I broke your comment down and answered every charge you leveled at me. However, I didn’t call you out by name, nor did I post your IP address or even your street address which I had at the time thanks once again to Google maps. So, before you go all holier than thou on me and call me the psycho bitch, check yourself and make SURE you give everyone the FULL story. What’s that?? You don’t remember the whole story? Well, honey why didn’t you say so, I’m happy to oblige you.



Let me make sure I have this clear, you deleted and blocked me on all social media. We have no contact with each other, I don’t even bother thinking about you. One of your lackys tells me that you go and create new profiles just so you can stalk me. Why bother blocking me or me blocking you?
You then write about me and my life bitching about what I do online on your blog. You even went so far to use my user name to create blogs on Blogger and WordPress to try to thwart or stop me, nice try.
You’re a special kind of psycho!!
You are obviously obsessed with me and/or deeply in love with me.
Rock on!!
Get a life of your own please!!
Oh that’s right you don’t have one!!
Moving on now!!
Rant over!!”
Remember now? Oh, I know you are going to deny it, but remember I tracked your IP address and then used google maps to your front door. You are one paranoid bitch and see monsters hiding in shadows.

Let me set the record straight once and for all. Until August 13, 2018, I have NEVER written about you on my blog. EVER! If you see yourself in the things I write, that’s your guilty conscience talking to you. I DO NOT create websites, Facebooks pages, blogs or anything else just to stalk or try to thwart you. All my social media accounts are open to the whole wide world. That means they are available for the public to see. I have nothing to hide, I’m not afraid of other men contacting me, nor am I scared of my own fucking shadow.

Let this serve as the ONLY warning you are going to get from me. I KNOW you are going to try to ban me from posting on your page. That’s OK. You can’t unless I like your page or comment on one of your posts and we both know hell will freeze over before I’m stupid enough to do that. You can’t keep me from seeing what you post and if you EVER post anything anywhere about me where I or one of mine can see it, I promise you I will make you go viral.

Comments and discussions are always welcome. However, I ask that you be civil. Mind your own hate.

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