Saturday Morning Musings …

Here in my part of the world things are going well. This past week, I’ve found I’ve been spending less and less time on any social media site than I can remember ever doing before. Yes, I still read the news online and have Facebook up in the morning while I have my coffee and begin the drawn-out process of me waking up. I do not wake easily, I never have. It takes at least two cups of coffee and mostly complete silence before I’m able to be coherent enough to be a functioning adult.

Once I’m awake, I have so many things to keep me occupied and away from the interwebs. Lily is at the top of that list, at 11 months old she is still in her puppy phase and she’s always doing something that is either entertaining or needs training in. She LOVES to cuddle, hates baths and brushing and refuses to keep a band or clip in her hair to keep the hair out of her eyes. She loves her freeze dried liver treats and antagonizing Coco and the new kitty, Willow. She thinks everyone is her best friend and pouts when they are tired of playing. Living with Lily is an ongoing challenge and I wouldn’t trade even a minute of it for anything.

I’ve been getting things together to go back out in the BAT with Jimmy for the final trip before the Little Witch’s summer break. I miss not being with him and while it’s not the perfect situation with him being gone from home so much, he does what he does to afford all us of to have the things we do here at home. I’ll be gone from home just shy of two weeks this trip and then I’m home at least until school begins again in August. And though I love being home with my kids, I’ll be missing my husband and counting the days til I can go once again. I’m oh so thankful he works for a company that permits their drivers to have riders and pets. I’m still hoping for a trip to Oregon or Washington state, but I don’t think they have an account for freight that far west, LOL!

There is also my continuing quest along the crooked path I walk. I don’t think there will ever come a time when I stop seeking and searching. I’m learning to listen, really listen and hear the things I’ve been given. There are times I would rather not hear and learn those lessons. Sometimes they can be more than challenging, sometimes they can be heartbreaking, other times they give me such joy and a peaceful sense of being.

Our outside space is thriving as well. I walked around the yard last evening and I’m in awe of the things I saw. We have a tree that is a blending of two different types, part of it is an offshoot of the huge Empress tree that is on the other side of the front yard, the other part I’m not sure what it is. This tree is also completely covered with Honeysuckle … all the way around and all the way to the top. There is an almost perfect “window” or Faerie circle right in the middle between the branches. And there is also a Dryad living in this tree and she has asked for us to not cut the tree down or even trim it except for the dead limbs. So, this tree is growing wildly and is most beautiful.

The Bee Balm is huge this year, it got so cold so early last fall/winter and I was afraid many of the plants didn’t survive. So far the only thing that looks like it won’t be coming back is the Hibiscus, and I know the rabbits had a hand in its demise. The Spiderwort is more than doubled in size, the Rosemary is more of a bush than a simple plant and the Foxglove keeps on keeping on. The Coreopsis didn’t come back this year either, I think they were mowed over one too many times. And I’ve got a trip to my favorite nursery in the plans to replace those that didn’t make it.

Inside, I’ve been working in my planners/journals. I’ve printed out pages and pages of stickers and then sent them to the Silhouette for cutting, and using the Frankenplanned rings instead of the regular B6 makes things not only easier for my tired hands, but keeps things together and more readily accessible for me. In addition to the sections for Monthly, Weekly, Budget and Lily’s vet records, I added a new section to my main planner for tracking my physical health issues. Now that I have a doctor that is willing to listen to me, I’m trying to document pain levels, where the pain is located and if there are any relative pain-free days. So far there’s only been one or two of those glorious days, but the pain level is a very manageable 5ish.

I’ve always had a passion for books and reading. Sometimes, I move away from them to do other things but I ALWAYS come back. I have a bunch that I have read over and over … and each time I do I find something I either missed or forgot. There is always a message in the written passages of any book and depending on the circumstances of life, that message may or may not be revealed unless it is needed. I also read Historical Fiction romance novels. Jimmy calls them porn, and while there is some sex of some sort in most of them, they are also my way of just escaping and being mindless amid some of the chaos running rampant in the world around me. These types of books I have dubbed “my guilty pleasures” and as far as I’m concerned, they rate right up there next to dark chocolate and bubble baths! LOL!!

This week begins the final push to make sure everything is in place for the Little Witch’s birthday party next Saturday. Invitations have gone out and Tanya has already gotten 3 positive RSVP’s. The Little Witch wanted to change things up just a tiny bit from last year and even though it’s still a tropical theme with the water slide and pool, she doesn’t want hamburgers on the grill. This year she’s asked for pizza and a cupcake tower. So, Mommy will be baking and decorating said cupcakes, Papa will be home on Friday to cut the grass so the slide can be delivered and set up early Saturday morning, and I’mma gonna be doing what I do best … organizing and being Abi, LOL!

As I close this out, I’m sending out a lot of love, laughter, and OH SO MUCH MAGIC to each and every one of you and wishing your Saturday will bring everything you could hope for! Love you to the moon and back!

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