Catching Up …

I posted the following on my Facebook timeline, but don’t know how many of you were able to see it. So here is the latest weather update on our experience with hurricane Dorian:

“Weather report … Dorian moved out of our area sometime overnight. This morning we have sunny skies and as far as I can tell we have no damage. I haven’t been outside to walk the yard yet, but from the front door and the window in our bedroom I see no downed trees, no branches down and nothing that would make you think a hurricane came through. We didn’t lose power at all. To me, the storm we had was comparable to the heavy summer storms we usually have. I’ve not seen any weather reports for Fayetteville/Hope Mills so I don’t know if anything happened outside of my corner of the world. We have sunny skies, a light breeze, and today’s temperature is supposed to be somewhere around 86 degrees.”

Now that the storm has passed, I’m focusing on the trip to Texas in October to see my son and his family and to meet my first great-grandchild! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am! Unfortunately, I have found some medical issues that make my doctor uncomfortable with me flying, so Jimmy has arranged with the company he drives for to get a load delivering down that way and then give us a couple of days off while there to spend time with Justin, Tiffany, and the girls. I haven’t seen them since we all went to AZ for my mother’s memorial in 2012, so I’m looking forward to not only meeting the new Little Miss but also catching up on the things happening in their lives.

Things here at home are just as crazy hectic as always, and I’m finding I’d rather spend time alone in our room reading a book or watching mindless TV than go out of the house and put up with people who seem to have lost their senses. With the world functioning as it is I really shouldn’t expect anything different than the rude, selfish, and downright ugly things people do and say to each other. Social media isn’t much better either, so I’m not spending as much time there as I used to. Yes, I still read the news and check Facebook each morning while I have my coffee and go through the waking up process, I keep FB messenger open on my phone throughout the day to keep in touch with my family both blood and chosen, but don’t interact or get involved as much with posts that used to “trigger” me. I’d rather read or work in my planner/journals or just find a quiet place and listen to the things my Goddesses have to teach me.

I’ve had the desire to write here on the Blog but when I open it up to put my thoughts down to share with you all, the thoughts come out too jumbled to understand. Luckily, the words seem to flow easily for the journals, which means that I’m not supposed to give those thoughts a public forum, at least for now. I’ll just go with that and see which way I’m directed to go. The Muse can be a confusing master, LOL!

As I close this out, I’m sending out a lot of love, laughter, and OH SO MUCH MAGIC to each and every one of you and wishing your day will bring everything you could hope for! Please continue to be open to the Blessings Both Dark & Light coming your way! Love you to the moon and back! That’s all for today, I’ll be back, eventually.

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