As You Can See

I’ve made some changes to the graphics and tag line for this blog. I figured it needed a makeover seeings how I hadn’t written anything since last September. I’m not going to be able to promise you that I can write every day, but I will do my very best to post updates from the road as time and stability allow. It is beyond difficult for me to type anything when the truck is in motion and we don’t always stop before we are completely worn out from the day.

Now, having said that here is a quick update of what’s going on with us.

I’ve been back in the Big Ass Truck full time since mid-January. Jimmy and I talked a ton about the things we want to be able to accomplish before either one or both of us are too old to enjoy what we consider to be the finer things of our life. In order to reach even one of those goals, we would need to tighten the belt and stop spending money like we have an unlimited supply. We don’t, so we gave up the actual house in Hope Mills, put some things in storage, left some things in the house for Debi to use and condensed things to live in the truck on a full-time basis.

Luckily, Debi has some friends that were looking to move out of the cold climate they lived in and they have made the move to Hope Mills and in with her. They are still getting settled and have given us the go-ahead to continue to park the BAT in the yard/drive when we come back to Hope Mills.

Since mid-January, I’ve been from Florida to Maine, from Texas back to the east coast and so many places in between. There haven’t been many photos taken and that is one of the things I’m going to try to be better at doing so you all can see the things we see. We’re doing great! And Lily is the perfect little trucking puppy!

That’s all for this time. More from the road as this new life permits!!


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