Musings On A Sunday Evening

With everything going on in the world and here at home in the US, I’ve been trying to keep a low profile. Y’all know me, you know I can’t keep my mouth shut to save my life. But, I’ve been trying!

Have you seen any of the news lately? I keep hearing the screams of FAKE NEWS! when it comes to most reports, fortunately, the things that have been deemed as fake news happen to come from some of the most reputable news sites in the world. I’ve been following #BLM, the reports out of Portland, OR, most things that the mango Mussolini spouts along with the local news for here in NC. I gotta say I’m overtired and getting more cranky as each day passes. Even with the election just about 100 days away I don’t have much faith things will change any time soon.

OK, enough of that …

We’ve been here in Hope Mills since Friday and aren’t going back out until Thursday. Jimmy has vacation time and since we’ve got some “business” type things that can’t be accomplished on Saturday or Sunday we decided to take a few days. We WERE going to go to the beach after the business was taken care of but with the uptick in positive cases in SC, that isn’t going to happen.

Part of the “business” is trying to find a way for Jimmy to come off the road, his stress level is through the roof and I’m worried he’s gonna have a stroke if some changes aren’t made. He’s got a few things in the fire so Monday is a follow-up day for those. Y’all send some positive energy to him if you please. Once those things are handled, we’ll be on to part two of the busyness, LOL!!

Part two involves finding a small place for us to live once he cleans out the BAT and we try to once again be just two normal citizens. Can you see that happening? There is nothing normal about either one of us, LOL!! We have an appointment with a realtor and she’s had our “must-have” list in order to make our search a bit easier. Jimmy’s must-haves are fluid and change occasionally. Mine are pretty set:

I want a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom with a soaking tub in the master. Decent size kitchen with better than average counter space because even though it’s going to be just the 2 of us I still like to cook. Oh, and a gas or wood-burning fireplace too! The outside space is just as important to me as the inside. I want a decent size deck, a place to put a pool and maybe even a hot tub and I’ve GOT to have trees!! Mature trees, not just planted. Some of the places we’ve looked at online have absolutely no trees or bushes or plants of any kind and I’m at a loss as to how anyone can live like that. Even in AZ, we had mesquite trees, not much for shade but still, they were trees!

We are pretty much starting over and will be buying new furniture and stuff. We are keeping our bedroom furniture and just buying a new mattress for it. This time we are going to take some time and find the right fit for both of us, things we both like and want to have in our home. One of the bedrooms will be set up as my crafting room, I miss playing with my journals and stickers. And my Silhouette is gathering dust! We’ve also decided we aren’t going to hide away any of the things that bring us comfort. I’ll find a nice place out in the open for his Dragons and for my statues and Tarot cards as well.

Yes, we are making changes and moving forward. And this time we both get to be home to enjoy everything …


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