Today Was A Really Bad Day

Here in the BAT we took yesterday off and just relaxed, had great conversations, laughed, and added to the plans we’ve set in motion. There are a couple new opportunities we’ve been approached about, but we won’t know anything specific until Spring. No, I’m not giving any details, every time I even hint at specifics, the universe seems to say “HA! I was just kidding!” So, I’m going to be keeping this under my hat for a bit longer. I WILL tell you, all the hard work we’ve put in over the past two years has begun to show … we’ve been approved for a mortgage to buy a house! Now, we are trying to determine exactly where we want to buy. But, that all goes together with the new opportunities we’re keeping quiet about for now.

While we were talking and laughing, and planning, I took the time to do my nails, yes, I keep up with them even in the BAT. And it’s even easier to do now that I’ve discovered “dip nails”. Dip nails are just as strong as acrylic, not as messy to do, and virtually no odor. At the average salon cost of $75 per set and the policy of some salons to not do “fills” on dip nails, it can get pretty expensive to drop a chunk of change like that every two to three weeks. So, I invested somewhere between $50 to $65 on supplies, then watched a shit-ton of Youtube videos to teach myself how to do them. I have enough of everything I need to do quite a lot, I even do fills on them every two weeks and they look as good and last as long as the full acrylics I’d been wearing for so long. I can keep all the supplies I need for this type of nail contained in a large canvas makeup case and I’m able to get in and out of the case as I need to because it fits perfectly at the end of my bed.

This morning we got up, had coffee, and got on the road to pick up our load in Hopkinsville, KY around 8:30. Once loaded we’re back on the road to deliver Wednesday morning in Grand Prarie, TX. Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will be able to stop in Rockwall, TX and that means getting our fix of authentic Mexican food from Rosa’s Cafe and tortilla factory. Perfect timing too cause I’ve been craving authentic tamales! After we pick up the next load right there in Grand Prarie Wednesday afternoon, we get to make a side trip to Nacogdoches and spend Thanksgiving weekend with Justin, TIffany, and the girls. Yes, this Abi & Papa are very excited to see everyone and get another round of snuggles from Little Miss Phia.

So, with all this news, why exactly was today a really bad day? Because I was in pain and slept most of the day. My body was worn out, my mind was trying to overcome the pain (ya, know, mind over matter) and all I wanted was my bed and blankets. Fibro has symptoms that no one can see and they can sneak up on you with no warning. I can usually manage them, but still have times where no matter what I do, I eventually have to give in to the pain and give up on being productive in any manner. There was no trigger today, the sun was out shining brightly, it wasn’t too cold and it wasn’t raining. I wasn’t even able to finish my coffee this morning before I told Jimmy I had to go back to bed. So, I did just that. Right now I feel better than I did, I’ve already taken my meds and I’m going to sleep in a little while. If I need to I can sleep tomorrow as well, there is no way I’m missing a visit with the kids, we haven’t seen them since July!!

Oh! Something else new, I have a brand new 2021 Ford Explorer, but all about that next time, LOL!!

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