I Know I Said …

I would tell you all about my new Ford Explorer the next time I wrote. But, it’s Thanksgiving weekend, we’re in Texas and in about three hours we’ll be parked so we can enjoy family time for the next 3 days with our son and his family.

On Sunday we’ll be back on the road with one week left until we are back in Hope Mills. I’m staying there this time, I need to wrap presents for the Witchling and I’m not going to risk falling on icy parking lots this winter. AND I have doctor’s appointments in December. The next set of shots in my knees happen on the 13th, at this same time I’ll find out about scheduling surgery after the first of the year.

So … once I get the stuff I have with me in the BAT unpacked and I get more settled, I’ll give you all the details of how I became the proud and slightly overwhelmed owner of a brand new vehicle, LOL!

However you celebrate tomorrow, I wish you peace and oh so many memories.

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you!

Jimmy & Vickie

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