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Monday I had an appointment with my ortho doctor at the ungodly hour of 8:40AM! It was cold outside and I’d much rather have stayed inside under the blankets. Oh well, Momma often told me you can’t always have what you want, so off I go.

Once I’ve checked in they happily informed me my doctor wouldn’t be in at all but I was going to see his PA. Now, I like this PA, he is very personable and answers questions without all the medical speak. And even though this is a very busy ortho office, I never feel rushed or more confused after an appointment.

Once we finished the Q&A part of my visit, it was determined I’d get another round of injections in both knees and then go back in March to decide when to try and get me on the surgical list at our local hospital. Of course, I have to go through labs and jump through all sorts of pre-op hoops … I’m cautiously optimistic I can have this potion of my journey completely finished by Summer.

It takes a few days for the medication to fully kick in and send relief to my poor knees, so Monday after I got back to the house I spent most of the day in bed under the blankets. Yesterday, I began to feel better so I straightened our room here at Ed & Sunni’s, remade the bed so the blankets weren’t bunched up or falling off, re-organized some of the stuff I hadn’t put away after it was unloaded from the BAT, then went to sleep at a very reasonable hour.

I’m feeling even better this morning. The best part? Virtually no pain as I walked to the other end of the house to make my coffee, LOL!

Everyone is doing well, Jimmy will be here next Wednesday the 22nd, and leaves again on Monday the 27th. We’ve still got some things percolating, but I’m not talking about them yet. I’m tired of “jinxing” things by opening my big mouth too soon.

Love you ALL! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS from us to you!

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