I’m Ready, Are You?

I’ve had the house to myself the past two days, which means I have been able to get a boat-load of things accomplished. Yesterday, I changed the bedding, washed the sheets and towels, vacuumed the room, dusted the TV and entertainment center, took the trash out of the bathroom and bedroom, sorted and took inventory of my vaping supplies, then I put together a short list of things I need to buy on Friday, all without over-doing or hurting myself.

Today, I spent the majority of the day tearing apart and reorganizing my planner and journal, (I’ve rearranged and condensed everything from using FOUR A5 wide rings to TWO! GO ME!!) making sure I have the inserts I always use, that my pens are in great shape, and adding written reminders in the correct place for paying bills or doctor appointments. I’ve gone through all my stickers and double-checked my Etsy account to make sure I’ve already downloaded and printed anything I purchased over the last year, browsed to see if there was anything new I couldn’t live without (there wasn’t!), then put everything I need on a daily basis back into the briefcase type carrier I have specifically for my planner/journals.

I also fired up the desktop computer and made sure everything is up to date, cleaned and realligned the printer heads on the printer, and then added paper in the paper tray. My phone was updated yesterday, my tablet auto-updated overnight … well, except for installing Windows 11, I’m not sure I want to do that yet and since it isn’t mandatory as of now, I’mma gonna hold off on that for a while. Besides, If things go according to my dastardly plan, I’ll have the new Galaxy Tab S8 as soon as AT&T has it available, LOL! All of my electronics from the Kindle to my earbuds are up to speed and fully charged. You’d think I’m preparing for quarantine (LOL) or something, I’m not, just making sure everything is done or in working order, so I can spend January 1st free of chores, obligations, or things I don’t want to jinx the New Year with.

Tomorrow, I plan to take the holiday wrapping paper as well as a few other small boxes to storage (nothing heavy or cumbersome that could have me risking a fall or stumble) and while I’m there I need to get into the filing cabinet and then see if I can find some of my warmer clothes since it’s supposed to get cold here next week. Jimmy doesn’t like me going to storage alone, he’s worried I’ll try to move heavy boxes or trip over something. Thankfully, the last time I was there I located the totes with my clothes (on the floor with nothing heavy on top of them) in them and the one with my boots and winter shoes are easily accessible as well.

I don’t have anything planned for Thursday, so it’s either going to be a day of reading or watching movies. I’ve also been thinking about a couple subjects I’m wanting to write about, but I learned a LONG time ago to leave the Muses alone, that they work in their own time, and if you try to force them, they fight back harder. We’ll need to adopt the wait and see for now.

Friday will be a day of errands, I LOVE MY EXPLORER!! Once I’m through running the roads of Fayetteville and Hope Mills, I hope to be able to spend some quiet time with my Tarot cards and candles. I won’t be partying NYE, not in the traditional sense anyway, quiet time, meditation and devination accompanied by a glass of my favorite wine is how I’ll see the new year in.

So … I’m ready, are you??

1 thought on “I’m Ready, Are You?”

  1. Nope, not ready at all. 🙂 But I have charged up all of my portable electronics and made sure they were up to date, LOL.

    I’m also not updating to Windows 11 until it’s mandatory — but not because I have anything against it. I’m just still discovering things about Windows 10 that I don’t know how to use. 😀


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