I Have NEW Toys!

Everyone knows my husband spoils me as often as he can. So, I am now the happy owner of the new Galaxy S22 Ultra phone AND the Galaxy S8 Plus Tablet.

I am over the moon excited about having these 2 items, 1. because the keyboard on my other tablet had quit working and this one came with it’s own keyboard cover and 2. because the phone and tablet sync together so I’m able to start something on one device and switch back and forth between the two of them if I need to.

The tablet is 5G and wifi which means when I go back in the truck with Jimmy, I’ll be able to access everything I need to keep our life running as smoothly as possible. It also means I can blog when I want to without cussing at the keyboard!

Things here in the Sand Hills are slowly working themselves out, for now I’m still staying with the Little Witch’s dad and his lady. Sunni is a real blessing for me as I get ready for knee surgery in June.

Speaking of knee surgery …

When I went to the ortho in March, he scheduled the surgery, made all the arrangements for pre-op and physical therapy, but didn’t give the injections in either of my knees. When I asked why he explained the medication in the injections had to be completely out of my system before surgery because it has been known to cause severe infection post-op. He told me to take Tylenol every 4 hours and Advil every 12. Some days it helps minimize the pain, most days it does nothing.

I also have a new primary care doctor who seems to know more than the last one did, this one has changed the meds I’ve been on for 3 years, made sure I had the one prescription the other doctor couldn’t figure out how to get a pre auth on, and so far I like him. I see him again on the 6th for a follow up on the changes made during the first visit and to see what else I need to make my life go round.

Even though I won’t have surgery until June, I WILL be stuffing my fat ass and bad knees into the BAT in May so we can get to Nac for the 3rd Little’s HS graduation. Dammit!! They are all growing up and changing too fast. Each of them are beautiful young ladies and I am so proud of the things they have gone through to make them strong yet still hold onto a bit of their innocence.

I’ll get back to Hope Mills just in time for all the pre-op appontments and then the surgery on the 22nd. After surgery I’ll be in physical therapy 3 times a week for a maximum of 6 weeks, depending on how I do it could be less.

Jimmy is going to take a few days off in order to be here for the surgery and then to help as much as possible post-op, making sure I do exactly as I’m told and getting me to the first few physical therapy appointments. Once again I’ve got to say how grateful for the company he works for, not only does he have a great vacation package, but they also make sure he’s where he needs to be for personal time, too.

Lily is doing well and rarely leaves my side. She’s venturing outside on her own first thing in the morning (there is a doggy door) while I make my coffee and by the time I get the creamer poured and the bottle back in the fridge, she’s back inside and ready to curl up next to me while I go through my morning wake up time. She’s gotten very good at using the puppy pad and there hasn’t been any “accidents” in quite a while. Yes, maybe this is TMI, but I’m typing what my brain is saying …

I suppose that’s enough of my mutterings for this time. I’ve got some things on my mind, but they haven’t come together enough to be in print. We’ll see what comes of them.

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