Without going into too much detail, there has been a change in our upcoming plans. I’m calling it “Just Another Bump in Our Road”.

Because of this bump, I’ve postponed the knee surgery for a while and I’ll be going in to see the ortho on Monday for another round of injections. Once that starts working, we’ll be packing up the stuff here and renting a storage unit for the foreseeable future. After that is settled, I’ll be getting in the BAT on Sunday May 15th with no set time to get back out. Yes, I’m once again going to be full time with Jimmy and honestly, I’ve missed being there with him.

Nothing has changed in our personal relationship with Ed & Sunni, we’ll still be coming back here every three weeks or so to see Ravyn. They have also encountered a “bump” in their road, which in turn caused our bump.

First trip will be going to Texas for the Grands graduation. I’m so proud of T and everything she has accomplished thus far. Once she turns 18 in June, she’ll be moving in with her boyfriend and going to cosmetology school (he lives closer to the school). I’m not sure, but I “think” she and her sister have a dream to open their own salon. Yep, one very proud Abi right here …

Yesterday, I spent a good portion of my day going through the cases I take in the truck that carry the journals and nail supplies. I downsized the nail supplies and added the Tombow pens to the Gelly Roll and other various gels pens and 2 coloring books to the journal case. After Monday, I’ll get my clothes and shower bag put back together, then when Jimmy gets home on Wednesday he’ll help me pack up the rest for storage.

The electronics are all sorted and ready, Lily is easy as well. I will need to get her some more food but since I keep all her things together within easy reach, it will only take a few minutes to get her stuff sorted and ready.

The only hiccough right now is that my Explorer is at the dealership to have to seal around the sunroof replaced. It wasn’t airtight and Jimmy was worried it would eventually lead to water getting into the roof and the eletric wires there. I’ve got a rental car until the Explorer is fixed, but I want to take MY truck to Tennessee and park it in a secure place while we are on the road.

So, that’s my VagueBlogging … I’ll post from the BAT as often as the urge hits and as often as my crazy mind permits. Just know that we are more than OK and we’ll make it over this bump and be better on the other side.

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