Packing … is My Nemisis

I absolutely HATE packing of any kind. Whether it’s packing for a trip where I always take too many things cause I never know what situation I might find myself in or packing up the house to move. Or in this case the bedroom that has been my sanctuary for the last 2 years and the bathroom where all my “personal” items are. Yet, here I am trying to do just that … pack.

This time everything that isn’t going in the BAT will be going into storage. So in order to accomplish that, I first have to determine exactly what I can’t live without in the truck. And yes, once again I will sort out too much stuff that I just KNOW I’m going to need for an extended stay in my rolling accomodations. Luckily, the bottom bunk where I sleep is larger than the top one and I am the queen of Tetris, so stacking things around me works out and I still have room to sleep at night or anytime I feel the need, to sit during the day when I’m not in the passenger seat and still be somewhat functional.

I’m hoping that we’ll get the Explorer back before we have to leave so I can put some stuff into totes and lock them in the cargo space. That way, I can change out clothes or books or whatever as needed without having to go through things in a storage unit …BAH! I hate that almost as much as packing!

Everytime I get in the BAT, Jimmy gives me a hard time about everything I want to take, and in reality I’ve downsized a lot since the first few times I went with him. I have all my clothes in one (down from 2 regular sized ones) large rolling duffel that he puts up on his bunk during the day and then drags down to one of the front seats after we’ve parked for the day. I have a shower bag set up so all I have to do is stuff clean clothes in it in order to take a shower either in a truck stop (I really don’t like showering in truck stops but I will) or in one of the Big G yards we pass by probably every other day. In reality this is all I NEED, but then there are my comfort items:

My tablet and charger, my phone, the nail stuff, the journals, coloring books and pens, the vape supplies, and the makeup case. I also have a case with electronics … extra chargers, adapters and cords. My ear buds are in this case along with anything else that could possibly be required to keep us “connected”. And this case is also home to any important papers we might need for what ever reason.

I have most of the books I love on the Kindle app on my Tablet and since it’s 5G I don’t have to worry about WiFi to download any new ones I come across. I do have 2 actual books that I take with me and the Tarot cards are in the case with the journals.

In the sleeper portion of the BAT are 2 large drawers by my bunk and in the top one is where all the pharmacy type items go along with all my medications, and yes, this time I have MORE prescription meds than any other trip. This gives me ease of access throughout the day so I don’t miss a dose of anything. The bottom drawer holds Lily’s food and treats along with the toaster.

There are days that I can’t find peace anywhere and I’m not only talking about the BAT. Even here at the house I seek out my blankets and wrap myself up in them to help relieve the pain from Fibro. So, this time I’m taking the comfy soft big king sized comforter. Yes, I’ll have to fold it to fit the bunk and yes, it might end up being a tad too warm at times, but I’ll work around that. I’m also taking an extra pillow or two, I’ve found putting one under the calf of my left leg helps with some of the knee pain.

Living in the BAT is hard and Jimmy hates it. Mostly because he’s away from home so much and doesn’t get to spend time with Ravyn and me. It’s easier for him when I’m with him and I really do try to not make his job more difficult for him. We did it for 11 months straight during 2020 when everyone was on lockdown for Covid. When I knew I’d be going with him that trip, I bought 3 inch cooling memory foam mattress toppers for each bunk and they have more than paid for themselves.

We have a microwave, a Keurig, the toaster and the truck came with a refrigerator. There is a cabinet above the fridge that I’ve turned into a pantry and again made use of my Tetris skills to store enough non perishables to last us at least 2 weeks. We can stop at most Walmarts to resupply the truck with food and in the past we’ve “treated” ourselves to a decent meal from a resturaunt close by or I’ve even used Door Dash a few times.

I don’t know how long I’ll be in the BAT this time, I have no expectations or preconcieved notions. I’ll make it work as long as I need to.

Comments and discussions are always welcome. However, I ask that you be civil. Mind your own hate.

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