Jimmy & Vickie’s Next Excellent Adventure

Tomorrow morning at what ever ungodly hour Big G decides it’s time for us to get on the road to who knows where, I’ll be back in the BAT truck full time for at least the next year. Why? Well you see …

The cosmos has a way of making mince meat of even the most carefully laid plans. Ours has been to be able to buy a place of our own and have some kind of roots, where ever we land. However, before that would be possible we’d need to pay of some outstanding debt, grow the credit scores and save a substantial amout for a down payment. We’ve managed to accomplish the first two, now it’s onto the savings part.

To reduce the expenses of Jimmy living in the truck (not much to reduce there) and me staying stationary (I can easily lose myself in Amazon or Etsy) we packed up all the stuff we have, put it into a storage locker and then packed what I can’t live without into the BAT and that’s where I’mma gonna be … for the foreseeable future.

Is this an ideal situation? Probably not for a lot of people, but I actually enjoy spending time with my husband. So living in a rolling teeny tiny house on wheels (Jimmy calls it a rolling prison cell, and sometimes it feels that way) works well for us. We found that out right quick when we quarantined in 2020 during the most serious times of Covid-19.

We’ve gone through all our bills, subscriptions and indescriminate spending, cutting down to the bare minimum (gotta have the Hulu+ and Kindle Unltd), taking into consideration we will need to restock the truck every 2 weeks or so and limiting eating out to once a month, we think we have a pretty solid plan.

The truck has a good refrigerator with a small freezer, we’ve got a microwave, a Keurig and a toaster. We are also having in depth discussions about buying an air fryer or a table top grill/griddle combo. But again, we aren’t rushing into making any unnecessary changes to anything until we’ve beat the pros and cons to death.

I’ve got everything I need to be in contact from the road and I’ll check in … whenever.

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