One Month Post Hospital Stay

It’s been exactly one month since I spent 5 days in the hospital without ever having a solid diagnosis. After all the tests, antibioticcs and anti virals I’m still feeling better than I have in a very long time. Whatever was wrong and whatever they gave me seems to have “fixed” the issue.

Yes, there were some residual after effects of all the IV liquids and meds that we dealt with after getting back on the road, but like Jimmy kept telling me “it ain’t a thang, so stop worrying”. The first week, we were able to take our time with the freight we were hauling and that gave us the ability to stop whenever I needed to. Again, I say, I’m SO very thankful for Big G Express and the way they take care of their drivers and families.

We spent 4 weeks out away from Hope Mills this last trip, yes, it was exhausting and emotions and tempers began to flare. But, like with everything else Jimmy & I do, we were able to talk through it and come out on the other side stronger for the challenges we face. And it will continue to be this way for about a year.

Jimmy & I came back to the Fayetteville area on Friday July 1st to spend the long weekend with Ravyn and to semi celebrate our 21st anniversary. We didn’t do much in celebration of Independance Day this year. I’m just not in a celebrating mood with all the chaos going on. Saturday night we did go to some friends for fireworks at their house and that was the extent of our red white and blue this year.

We are living in the BAT full time, spending 3 or 4 weeks dragging freight from one place to the next, and missing the people we hold the dearest to our hearts. It’s extremely difficult to be away from Ravyn here in the Fayetteville area and also the grands and great grand in Texas. Eventually we will get our shit together and once again have a “home base” that isn’t the BAT.

Tomorrow morning, we are off to deliver in the Boston area and I can’t wait! This heat and humidity here in the south is making me more than crazy and irritable. And it will be a nice change to see some different scenery, honestly there is only so many times I can go through Atlanta and retain some semblance of sanity, LOL!!

On a side note, it’s been 3 years since I’ve been able to put my toes in the ocean … and my soul is crying for the mountains just as much as for the waves. So, we need to figure something out. It’s just going to take some deep thinking.

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