New News!!

Remember back when I told y’all we had a plan for our future? And remember last year Jimmy bought me a brand new Ford Explorer with so many bells and whistles, I had no idea what most of them were for? Well … things have fallen into place and I can now update you on all the happenings in J&V’s Adventures!

So … we needed to make sure the credit scores and savings account was where they were acceptable to any lender we might want to approach in the future. This had to be accomplished before we could do much of anything. That’s why I spent a bunch of time in the BAT, saving money, not spending and keeping the debt to income ratio at a place where we could do just about anything we wanted. We made it y’all!!

We had the Explorer, made every payment on time and none of them were ever late nor was the checking account ever overdrawn. We also took out a personal loan with a two year term and made sure all those payments were made promptly. We also were approved for a credit card with a great interest rate and those payments were also made on time. Each time we used the credit card we made sure to not charge more than I could pay down to a minimum balance of like $5.00 each month. If I paid the entire amount each month the credit monitoring places looked at it as a closed account, so I kept a tiny running balance that helped the scores keep climbing.

In August, we traded the Explorer after having it for only 10 months and purchased a 2022 F-150 Super Crew (4 doors) 4X4 Sport Appearance package with even MORE bells and whistles! The interest rate is way way low and the best we’ve ever had and the payments (I LOVE FMC!) are exactly what we needed them to be. It’s black and oh so sexy!!

Then … we paid off the personal loan and last Wednesday after Jimmy doing an enormous amount of research we bought a brand new 2023 Freedom Express travel trailer! OMG! I’m in heaven. It’s the perfect size for us, with a front kitchen that includes what they call a dash window (IT’S HUGE!!) in the front over the sink, a single DEEP SS sink, 3 burner gas cook top with oven, a 12cubic ft dual fridge, booth dinette that seats 4, two captain chair recliners and a KING SIZE BED!!!!! The booth dinette folds down and is perfect if the Witchling wants to spend the night with us every so often.

Yes, I went a little crazy buying stuff for the inside and Jimmy bought the things he’d need to make sure it’s level and stable. With him being gone so much and my knees still giving me grief he wanted to make sure I didn’t have any problems while he was gone. I have to be honest here, if Jimmy hadn’t spent the amount of time he did doing all the research for what was needed outside, I’d be totally lost. Travel trailers have changed SO damn much since I last lived in one.

Speaking of knees (just a short update), I had another round of injections in August but didn’t get the medication I had been getting. The doctor told me they were having a difficult time getting paid for the previous meds (I call BS). This round only lasted about 4 weeks instead of 3 months. I’m in so much pain and barely able to walk at all. And never mind going up and down stairs by myself. The only positive I can find in this is I’m hoping to be able to schedule surgery for mid February instead of some time in May.

So, there ya have it, the lastest news from J&V Adventures (that’s what we named the camper). I am so excited to get the knees fixed and then find out where our next stop on this adventure is going to take us.

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