On the Road Again

As with everything in our life, there are always changes and new experiences. Next weekend when Jimmy comes home on November 4th, we have to close up the camper and take it back to the dealership we bought it from. We found some minor issues that need to be repaired before something bigger comes of them.

So to do that I’m going back in the BAT for the month of November. We take the camper to Lexington on the 5th and they’ll most likely have it for at least 3 weeks. Before we drop it of for service and the few minor repairs we found it needs, I’ll pack up once again and load some stuff in the BAT and then go back on the road with Jimmy until the camper is taken care of.

Since I know this will be a short term trip, I don’t need to take as much of my stuff. Just clothes, the necessary electronics and chargers, stuff to take a shower, my meds and stuff for Lily. Yeah, a LOT less than when I was there full time over the past 3(?) years.

We will be back in the area here after 2 weeks to spend some time with the young Witch and then go to Texas to see the family there for Thanksgiving. I cannot begin to tell you how much we miss the Grands and Phia. She’s growing so fast and changing each day!!

After Thanksgiving, we’ll come back this way again and we’re supposed to be able to pick up the camper the first weekend in December. Once we do that, Jimmy has found a RV campground that will be closer to Ed & Sunni’s new place, so we’ll park there with a truckstop much closer than the hour plus it takes Jimmy to get “home” from where he parks the BAT now.

With our home being much smaller than what we’ve had before I’ve been looking for a small Christmas tree I can have. I found one I fell in love with on Amazon and it will be ordered as soon as I have an address other than the PO Box to have it shipped to. It will fit perfectly on the dinette table in the big window and will be stored under the seats once the holidays are over.

We have an electric fireplace with a perfect area to use those removable hooks to hang 2 stockings. Yes, my house is small, but I love it. It’s absolutely perfect for the 2 of us and even though we’ve had to downsize on so many things, we still have all the comforts we have been used to.

The new campground has a catch and release bass lake which will be perfect for Jimmy to have some down time once he gets everything with the camper in place to suit him. Just gotta get his fishing stuff out of the storage unit! The guy Jimmy talked to told him it has very reliable free WiFi and I’m hoping this is true so we won’t need to invest in a “hotspot” to watch the regular TV. It’s been a challenge to watch movies on my tablet, but I’m doing it with just a few complaints, LOL!!

November and December Jimmy will be coming home every 2 weeks instead of staying on the road for 3 weeks before coming home. January he will go back to his normal routine and be away from us for 3 weeks at a time. I gotta be honest here, I MISS him so much when he’s away from home and if we could figure out a way to get enough miles each week to pay the bills we have I’d have him home more often. But such is our life. In order to have the things we now have, he has to be gone for 3 weeks. It’s not ideal, it’s a huge struggle for both of us, but we are managing. Thankfully we both have good cell phones and can talk as many times throughout the day as we want. It’s not the same as being together, but we make it work.

I’m still hoping for knee replacement surgery in February. I’ve talked to the ortho’s office and they assured me I’d be scheduled for mid to late February but so far nothing has shown up in the mail with the details. Yes, I call each week and usually have to leave a message for the ortho’s medical assistant. That office is so busy it takes a while to get a return call. I’m not giving up. I’m absolutely over the daily pain of just standing up on both my feet, let alone trying to move from one spot to another.

This is the newest update on what is going on with us. And I know things are always subject to change in our life. If anything comes up, I’ll try to let you all know.

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