Behind The Keyboard

Hi, I’m Vickie … I’m a mixture of many things, but first and foremost I am Witch.

If you follow my blog The Feisty Witch you’ve probably read this excerpt from the “Who IS The Feisty Witch” page. But since it describes me perfectly I’ve added it here as well:

I have been defying description for more than half my lifetime. I occasionally have my sanity, although my circle of friends might disagree with that; I’m a mix of opposites, random, different and unconventional. I’m a self-taught know it all and even though I can admit I really don’t know everything, I do know enough to carry on a conversation with most anyone. Some call me mouthy, I freely speak my mind…I do NOT tolerate BS. I’m a Wife, Mom, Abi, Pagan, eclectic, free-thinking FeistyWitch, Priestess in training, wannabe gardener, who loves to cook and loves my life!

I have many and quite a variety of interests which I freely share my opinions on. Sometimes I get very political, other times I just speak out on any given subject. You know that thing in your brain that is supposed to filter your thoughts before they come out your mouth? Yeah … I don’t have one of those. So, whatever pops into my thoughts usually comes right out of my mouth.

My plan for this blog is to write things that I would post in a public forum much like an online journal. I’ve got friends and family spread all over and it’s more convenient for them to find things in one place. So, you’ll be getting posts about my planners/journals, how I’m addicted to stickers, books I like, recipes and a whole world of other topics.

I probably should let you all know this too…

The only person I am oath-bound to is myself… This makes me the kind of witch who is a nightmare for those who don’t want a mirror held up to them. You might consider me a premeditated kind of person. I know exactly what I am doing when I do it.

I own what I do and I own what I say. I will never, ever tell a person what I think they want to hear or to appeal to the masses.

You are more than welcome to come along for the ride … as long as you keep your drama to yourselves, LOL!!