Thunderstorms, Wind, & Tornadoes, OH MY!

First, let me say, last night was the first night in 5 weeks I’ve slept all night without having to get up and move around because of Shingles pain! Thanks to the Gabapentin, I’ve had a great night and a better day. I’m still using the UgliButter CBD cream and vaping as well. The combination is working so well I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal.

We woke up to gray skies and light rain, which steadily increased as the day went on. By 11:00 we had severe thunderstorm warnings, by 1:00 we were under a tornado watch. Then by 4:00 we got the weather alerts on our phones for a tornado warning. We were in the direct path of the system that was moving through our area. Now, we don’t have a basement or storm cellar or any place to go for safety when there is a tornado, but we do have large closets and plenty of pillows and blankets, LOL!!

Lily has been stuck like glue to me through the Shingles and then the storm today. Poor baby didn’t know what was going on but she felt the tension and concern about the storm and snuggled right in. She is such a blessing for me. My only complaint is the little shit won’t keep a rubber band or barrett in when I pull her hair up out of her eyes! And Yorkies are susceptible to eye disease because of that hair hangin in their eyes, so I’ve got to figure something out soon!

At about 4:45 the warning was lifted, the storm continued to move and now we just have light rain and a light breeze. We didn’t have any damage, no trees down or branches blown around. All my flowers are still standing and thriving, and the Foxglove is huge this year! I really do need to get her out of the pot and into the ground soon. My wisteria is fixin to pop, there are so many buds on them, she’s gonna be gorgeous!

Even though the weather was churning outside, I did have a productive day. Jimmy got home about 7:30 this morning and the Little Witch is off for Good Friday. Papa and the Little Witch went to pick up the trampoline her Aunt Tia got for her. She was a little unhappy that they couldn’t put it together today, but tomorrow is supposed to be bright and sunny! Tanya and Kenny went to work, Mylia also worked today and I was able to spend time crafting.

I printed out some more stickers for my planners/journal, changed from strings to rings in my B6, added another section complete with decorated and embellished dividers and dashboard, and got caught up and planned in advance for the next 3 weeks. Here’s where I tell you how much I love my computer and Silhouette! And belonging to a few Facebook groups that give away stickers for free is simply awesome in my book!

All in all, it’s been a great day and I’m looking forward to the next couple of days having my family around me. My only downer is that Justin, Tiffany and the girls can’t be here. Texas is just too far away to come over to Mom’s for a holiday dinner, LOL!! And with the new little one coming in September I think it might be a little difficult for Alanna to travel this far. Oh, well, I’m still convinced we’ll all be together again one of these days soon.

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